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    on courses near D11 highway

    5 fees only for 5 750 CZK

How to use D11 Golf Card

Purchase and activation
Card can be purchased for one’s own person or as a gift card, the future owner must firstly activate the card. Activation of the gift card can be done online here or at the first visit of one of the golf courses.

Use of the card is very simple. The easiest way to make a reservation is on the website TeeTime.cz, or mobile app Teetime and in the booking guide to choose your activated D11 Golf Card. Then you can go straight on the golf course. You can also apply the card at the receptions of the golf courses.

Cancellation policy of reserved game
Game can be cancelled 24 hours before start of the game. Unused game in this period will be returned into your card. Cancellation of the game after 24 hours is considered as used.

Full terms and conditions can be found here (in Czech language).


Where can I check, how many games I have used from my card?

After you login on the TeeTime.cz website, you will find out how many games you have got, or you can ask at the reception of any golf course D11.

Is is possible to half the fee into two nine holes?

Fee cannot be halved. If you will play only nine holes, one whole fee will be deducted.

I would like to buy the D11 card as a present. What should I do in this case?

D11 can be purchased as a gift card at the receptions of the golf courses or their e-shops. When buying on-line choose the option „buy as a gift card“. We have prepared gift vouchers which you can give to your close friends.

How many cards can I purchase in one year?

At one purchase you can buy maximum five cards. After they are used you can make another purchase.

Is it possible to use the card at tournaments?

Yes, you can use the card at club tournaments or individual D11 golf courses.

If I buy the card for myself can I give it to someone else?

Yes, you can change the owner of the card before the first use.

Is it possible to purchase the card through Benefit, Benefit Plus or Multisport card?

At this moment we do not allow purchase through these programmes. 

Can I purchase the card from comfort of my home so I do not have to go the golf course?

Yes, you can buy it on TeeTime.cz or after agreement with the individual golf courses.

What other benefits gives me the D11 card?

The card is at the beginning of it’s existence, if it proves to work, we will happily add other benefits in the future.

What if I want to play 80-100 rounds a year?

In this case the golf clubs have individual offers for there members and also for the ones who do not wan’t to be members. The card can be only additional product for those who wan’t to visit more golf courses.

How about the card for children? Do you offer the card for the same conditions as for adults?

Yes, at the moment the conditions are the same.

Do seniors or students have discount on this card?

Not at the moment. The individual golf courses often offer discounted conditions such as Happy hour times to these groups.

If you need help or have any questions about D11 Golf Card,
please, use the support on teetime@teetime.cz or phone +420 245 007 156.